Eiffel for Paris

We had a long stopover on the way to Israel, so we quickly got to check out Paris before we hopped back on the plane. Rachel had been to France before, and if was a shtickle safer, may be a country we would want to explore more in depth, especially as there is still a strong Jewish community with lots of great Kosher food around. We had a slight delay from Newark airport, but that also meant American Airlines supplied us with an endless supply of free snacks. And we got to made some new friends.

You can get to the heart of Paris from the airport easily using public transportation, it just takes an hour to get out (it also took +20 minutes of walking within the airport to physically get to the public trans area , which was really unexpected). By car it would also take about an hour to get into the main area of Paris. Lots of places in the airport to pay to store luggage, if needed.

Our main priority was to visit the Eiffel Tower, a classic. We thought if we didn’t take an elevator up the tower, we would be able to see more sites around Paris. It seems everything else popular is still a ways away from the Eiffel area though, so we had a picnic in the garden by the Eiffel instead, eating food we had brought from America on a blanket we had with us. Really great stopover experience!

P.S. – Rachel apologizes for her sweater.

P.P.S. – it has been reported post facto that there is a kosher cafe/bakery named Korcarz, and another bakery called Le XXV near the Eiffel Tower.

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