Israely Nice to Be Back Home

We’ll keep this one short, with a running list of some road trip ideas to have in Israel. Renting a car through Priceline was super cheap, and there aren’t tolls if you google in advance, but we also may have driven through some less safe areas by accident, so definitely check the routes in advance! Also when renting a car, a lot of places aren’t open too close to Shabbos, or after Shabbos after all, so make sure when you’re putting times in to do it as removed from Shabbos as possible, otherwise it will show up as no cars being available.

You can also obviously take a Nesher into Yerushalyim, but there’s also a really cheap public bus that takes you straight into the Tachana Mercazit (with USB charger ports on board). Lots of free events in the summer as well, such as the Old City light show!

DAY #1 & Motzei Shabbos

  • Greeting a Nefesh B’Nefesh flight
  • Ice Capades
  • Breakfast on emek
  • Kotel (if you’re female, you can go free through the tunnel tours area and daven indoors – quiet, and also closer to makom Hamikdash)
  • Near emek, you can buy ice cream and take it to sit by the tracks on Tachana Rishona

DAY #3

  • Breakfast at Bagel Cafe
  • Shakespeare in the park (by King David hotel)


Day #4

  • Geulah/Meah Shearim
  • Dress shopping on Yaffo (Zoya!!) – I’m not joking almost every one of our dresses in the next few pictures were bought on this shopping spree, and cost around $12
  • Timol Shilshom

Day #5

  • Yoga on the beach in Tel Aviv

Day #6

  • Har Menuchos (kvarim of Chidah, Shlomo Carlebach, R’ Moshe Feinstein, etc.)
  • Avshalom caves near Beit Shemesh
  • Rami Levy

Day #7

This day was the BEST activity day we had, and all of the activities we did were a five minute ride from each other. It’s best to go to this area with a rental car, as there isn’t transportation around this area. There is also a soap factory nearby run by disabled adults, and a few wineries as well.

  • Eretz Bereishis – free camel rides, eat in a Bedouin tent, make pita’s
  • P’til T’cheilet factory
  • ATVing at a place called Canaan
  • Papagayo for dinner (it was Rosh Chodesh and a siyum celebration)

Day #8

  • Free walking tour of Tel Aviv/Yafo
  • Tel Aviv beach chill
  • Hafrashas challah by Rebbetzin Kolodetsky (usually around 5pm Thursday nights)
  • Dinner by the Namel in Tel Aviv (boardwalk of Tel Aviv, also lots of activities on shopping there).

Day #9


Day #10

This is a day we devoted to the north of Israel, especially kivrei tzadikim. We crammed a bunch of things in, but there were still so many things we skipped out on that we could have done, such as Caesarea and the Bahai Gardens. The order listed below is the order we went in and had googled in advance:

  • Tiveria – people like to eat at a restaurant here called Decks, along the water, hot springs, Rebbe Meir Baal Haneis, Rachel eishes R’ Akiva, Rambam, Shelah, Ramchal, R’ Akiva
  • Amukah
  • Tzfas – Arizal, R’ Yosef Cairo
  • Meron – R’ Shimon Bar Yochai
  • Chaifa – there’s a Mehadrin IKEA restaurant there that’s delicious and super cheap! Still can’t get over it!!!

Day #11

  • Mishkan Shiloh
  • Dead Sea
  • (Can also do Ein Gedi in this area if you have a lot of time)
  • Chorva synagogue before we returned the car


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