Take a Chance on Me, the Dancing Queen

Super glad H&M and IKEA made it out of this country alive! (Abba can stay). It’s kindav a pricey little area, with not too much history or much to do from the one day I was there on a stopover. It has withstood modernization, and has only recently become a more popular and less crime-ridden area, as they are trying to revitalize the area.

There’s a high speed (expensive, like potentially $40 one way if I’m remembering correctly) train that will take you from the airport to Gamla Stan (Old Town) of Stockholm – it’s about a 20 minute ride and then a 15 minute walk to the hotel I chose, Hotell Gyllene Geten / Hotel Golden Goat, which I chose because it’s across the street from the palace and within everything tourist in the area. The hotel was definitely a different kind of experience… I landed pretty late and the concierge type person and I made my bed together. There was a (private) communal bathroom situation. And she warned me that recent immigrants were running rampant through the Old Town and breaking into first floors of the buildings in the area (my room was on the first floor and all of the walls each had a giant window!). All the furniture was Ikea if that’s a plus 🙂

The palace is super low key – you can walk right up to it. Quiet area. I feel like if I needed to break in, I could probably have done so. It’s just there, on the street, no fences or anything. (Case and point – Heist on Sweden’s Crown Jewels)



The Legislative/Parliament building is around the corner by the water. There’s a nice park that you can walk across to see the Great Synagogue of Stockholm, which doesn’t really have services and is rarely open. Breakfast was a must, as I passed a 7/11 that had kosher Ben & Jerry’s! That was essentially what was available in terms of kosher food, with some water and fruit options.


The National Library of Sweden/The Royal Library was my next stop, where everything Swedish is preserved starting from the 16th century. It’s quite old, and quite beautiful to visit – and free.



Mårten Trotzigs gränd is the most narrow alley in Stockholm, built in the 1500’s, and was also on my way back to the hotel. The main square called Sdtortorget is quaint, and is supposed to be more magical looking in the winter time – lots of colorful buildings, and old fountains. Because the palace is right there, I was also able to catch a quick changing of the guards practice in the area as well. I have a list of more activities that you’re able to do if there’s more time – not sure if it’s worth a full trip, but definitely a cute little stopover.




  • Tyresta Nationalpark (berry picking free late summer)
  • Stolkholm old tram ride (I tried finding the old tram, but only saw modern ones)
  • See Stockholm from the water by riding Djurgårdsfärjan, the ferry service
  • Nobel Museum
  • Djurgården (small island town)
  • The City Hall (Stadshuset) TOWER OPENS 8 am FRIDAY! Or 9:10 am summer, credit cards accepted, around $7 line starts at 9 am can’t pre-book
  • Stockholm’s District Court House (Rådhuset)
  • Free frisbee golf
  • Wonderful buildings dotted around Hagaparken
  • Grab a pedal boat from Sjöcaféet and soak up the sun
  • Royal National City Park
  • Ericsson Globe
  • Östermalm
  • Stockholm ghost walk historical (starts 6 pm)
  • Sigtuna(oldest town, vikings?)
  • Medeltidsmuseet (Medieval Museum) middle ages and vikings
  • 38 free outdoor gyms
  • Kungsträdgården
  • Rosendals Trädgård apple orchards

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