Burano Ooh La La

Venice, Italy – Day #1


Half of my heart is in Burano. There’s something ’bout Burano.

When staying in Venice, book a hotel as close to train station as possible, because you’ll have to schlepp your own bags. And bring them over bridges. And through the streets. And there’s not other way around it! Not a single car on the island, not even for policemen or ambulances. Also super important, Venice has two parts: 1) the mainland (Mestre) and 2) the water area (Santa Lucia). Pick the wrong train station, and you’re toast! (You want the Santa Lucia one by the way, a wink wink).

Anywho, took a bus boat to Burano, a colorful little island that you can’t help but be obsessed with. We tried to buy a one day boat pass (20 euro) on the Venice transportation app, but it didn’t work and we had to buy a pass when we got to the bus boat station. About an hour ride to Burano and WORTH IT! They say the town is painted colorfully so that the fisherman wouldn’t crash into the island on their way back home. Swoooon.

Because there’s not much wiggle-room for industry on an island, Burano became famous for their handmade lace. A trip to the Lace Museum is all we really found to do on the island (it’s cheaper to buy a joint pass with the Murano Glass Museum).

We then hopped back on the boat (line 12 by the by) two stops away to go to Murano, which is an island known for it’s glass making industry which is still vibrant until today. There’s a shop straight ahead on the left where you can watch glass figurines being made live. Everything is so delicate and magical looking, but be careful with the prices! Look at a few shops first before settling. We then headed to the glass museum, which showed how different styles of glass are made, and where there was a display of different glass figurines.

The island itself is beautiful, so definitely feel free to explore. In Campo Santo Stefano there’s a glass structure called the Comet Glass Star.

We then took a bus boat back to the restaurant Gam Gam which is an amazing fleishig place run by Chabad (they also have a milchig take-away food place across the alley called Gam Gam Goodies). We got ready for Shabbos at our hotel, and then headed to Kabbalas Shabbos at the main shul (vs. at the Chabad). Heads up, their version of Kabbalos Shabbos is very different, and it’s best to use their nusach of siddurim. It was also such a unique opportunity to daven in a shul with so much history. We then had a delicious meal that was reserved well in advance online, run by the Chabad. There are three levels of meals – we chose the Gallery option, where you get a private table in a gallery and you definitely don’t go home hungry. We hit the pillow right after the meal, which we definitely didn’t regret as Venice is an island made for Shabbos adventures 🙂 Stay tuned!

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