The tri-state area has been frigid and we missed the sun, so we booked last second tickets to Miami for the weekend and there were no regrets… except showing up to the airport hours earlier than necessary #PTSD. We rented a car, which ended up being more of a toss up then expected because there are tolls everywhere now, and we hadn’t expected needing to pay for an Sun Pass every day we were there.

Word to the wise, during off-season, the restaurants close much earlier than on the times posted on the internet so beware! We had tried hitting up Carlos & Gabby’s, but then ran to Pita Hut before it close and got some real cute appetizers to hold up over until breakfast. Breakfast could be done nowhere else but Tasty Beach Cafe. We’re makpid on Cholov Yisroel so there weren’t as many choices as we had wanted (*Oreo Pancakes*), but the mashgiach was super knowledgeable and B’H the french toast was just as remembered. Drool worthy. It was also Tova’s birthday, and the staff didn’t even bat an eyelash when I asked for candles in the french toast!

We essentially did most of the coolest looking activities on Groupon. Our first activity was an Island Adventure day cruise that left from downtown Miami. They take you on a 45 minute boat ride to a private island, where you can then go paddle boarding, jump on a water trampoline, or lay on a splash pad. They have lots of drinks you can buy on the boat that aren’t too overpriced. The staff was the most fun. Go with a big crew though! You end up hanging out with strangers for all three hours of the tour unless you’re with friends 🙂 The island is also next to Fisher Island, island of celebrities, so we can’t lie when we say Usher’s yacht was docked next to us the entire time, and it was fascinating seeing all of his other boats preparing for some type of event in the water. When we got back to land, we chilled by the water a bit more, because we paid for our parking spot and it was so so perfect out.

We picked up some long awaited Carlos & Gabby’s, and headed to the beach, where we watched a proposal go down. We then ambushed the proposal materials, as you can see, we do a great job. How could we not hydrate after a beach day with some ice cold slurpees?! After chilling with some friends in Tower 41, we drove out to Boca to find more friends… and obviously have more slurpees.

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