BAKERY. for the WYN.

Zak the Baker was an obvious breakfast no-brainer on our trip. After chatting with Zak about what options were vegan (they went cholov stam it seems), we confidently went to order banana bread and iced tea. We ordered the bread, and were quickly asked if we had a good joke. We’re naturally the most hilarious people we know and obviously have a billion hilarious joked up our sleeve (or at least just the one) – so funny, that it seems we paid our breakfast in an exchange of jokes. Zak literally has the coolest staff who genuinely love their job, as well as people, and the food hands down is amazing – always a pleasure and a highlight of my trip!

For those of you who don’t know, Zak the Baker is in Wynwood Walls backyard (free activity, just dress well and have lots of camera space), so we obviously snapped one great photo and then peaced out. Because we have self control.

Having saved money on breakfast, we walked down the block to Zak the Baker’s Deli, which was quiet delicious (it just recently closed down though. Sorry to disappoint). We took the food to go, and ate it on our drive to visit our Great Aunt Fanny, who has got to be the coolest 95 year old you’ll ever meet. Proud to share genes with such a boss of an aunt!

We had plans to go banana boating, but thought it may be more worth it to check out the Museum of Ice Cream, and see if we could catch the banana boating a little closer to Shabbos. Museum of Ice Cream was definitely an Instagram bloggers haven, but definitely less cool if you’re Kosher, or vegan, and can’t enjoy all of the cool ice creams along the way. Don’t want to give too much away, but they have staff stationed all along the museum in order to help take the social media pics in peace.

The banana boating place was super incredible in trying to reschedule the tour we had missed, but alas it was fairly close to Shabbos, so we went straight to the beach instead. The banana boating place we went to was in the downtown Miami area again, but just a heads up that it was difficult to find as you have to walk through the entire hotel to get to the docks, which is made more difficult by the fact that parking in Miami these days is a nightmare. There are two different apps you have to download in order to pay for parking, but the perk of that is that you are able to refill your time remotely. By the banana boating area, there was also a really cool Jewish themed throne-line object, with Hebrew letters and menorahs all over it.

We rushed back to our relatives house to get ready for Shabbos. We were really fortunate to not have to figure out Shabbos food and hotel options, but Miami is definitely prepared to have tourists, with many food take-out options available.

Best motzei Shabbos activity – The Frieze on Lincoln Road. Tons of cholov yisrael and vegan options available, all delicious and all super kosher! It was open really late, and everyone wanted a piece of the action. We all scream for ice cream, eh 😉

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