Top Four (Week of 8 Tevet)

Starting a new initiative called Top Four, just some quick exposure to some wonderful material out there that you probably already know about. It can range from shiurim, podcasts, events, WhatsApp Groups, songs, books, beauty supplies… literally anything a tznius rockstar could need! Please comment to add your opinions regarding the material, or if there are any recommendations you might want to add!

1. Siddur Snippets

A WhatsApp group spearheaded and run by R’ Efrem Goldberg of Boca Raton, Florida. The audio clips are about six minutes in length, and will be discussing a more in-depth analysis of the tefillos we say every day. There are already four full groups, with a fifth on its way to being filled to capacity B”H. Link for Siddur Snippets 5 here <—

Asher Yatzar just began so it’s a great time to join! Don’t be scared to reach out about being forwarded the other three previous lessons (Modeh Ani I, Modeh Ani II and Al Netilas Yadayim).

2. Girl, Wash Your Face

Book by Rachel Hollis. Haven’t read through the whole book yet so I can’t completely vouch for it yet in terms of content, but so far I’m digging it enough to need to share this now. I might have to take that back and that’s okay! Prepare to be empowered in a very real way.


3. Tatty My King

The Waterbury Bochuim are backkkk! If you don’t own this song yet, you must buy it so you can play it on repeat. Lock yourself in a room. Turn some lights off. Read the lyrics as you sing. You will feel lots of things. Or you can click on this link to listen on YouTube.


4. Nitzotzos

I listen to Podcasts now it seems. I felt really cool and hip when I downloaded the Podcasts app from the iTunes store, but from now on I’m going to play it cool, scouts honor. BUT ALSO IT’S FREE! Okay, I’ll really play it cool starting now. The shiurim are mainly by R’ Mordechai Burg, the Menahel of Yeshivat Mevaseret.

There are weekly Q&A answers, responding to questions you can anonymously ask online. There are also full shiurim with psychological ideas fused in with the Torah portion of the week, as well as guest speakers. I highly recommend the most recent episode entitled Parshas Vayigash – The Truth Shall Set You Free… and all of the episodes before that if I’m being honest. The mantra of the group is to “Join the community of women who refuse to see life as an obstacle to spiritual growth.” Drop all the mics ladies.






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