Top Four (Week of 15 Tevet)

Finished the entire Girl, Wash Your Face and I still recommend it as a great read 🙂

1. Judge Ruchie Freier 

What a rockstar trailblazer in the frum world. She started an organization for Chassidish teens at risk called B’Derech, an all women’s volunteer ambulance corp [Ezras Nashim], and won a seat as a judge without any support from her district leaders. If you haven’t heard her speak, or haven’t seen the documentary 93Queen, you really should… I’m really bad at blackmailing people. You can also see her here on Megyn Kelly* for a little sneak peek.

*Judge Freier, knowing that many people from her community would be watching this interview, thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if Megyn could dress modestly for the interview. You can see here that it never hurts just to ask!

2. NYC Winter Lantern Festival

It says NYC, but really it’s in Snug Harbor, Staten Island, so in the middle of almost nowhere. The event costs $23 if you book online in advance, and there are specific time slots you are allowed entry. It’s really pretty, but you might want to go on a warmer day because it’s entirely outside. It’s also super muddy with barely any walking paths, so your shoes will get ruined – eep! Super crowded and hard to get around or take pictures, but also everyone is on vacation this week so it’s pretty fair that that would happen.

3. Bissell Steam Mop

Just watch the dirt melt off your floor. It kindav speaks for itself, such a great idea! Can also be used to steam carpets in addition to hard surfaces.

4. Winter Sangria Seltzer

A seasonal Trader Joe’s find before it disappears. For all you seltzer lovers out there, get it before it’s gone. Also hoping they keep their soft baked gingerbread oat bars in stock for a while. The packaging is too cute!!! And they’re also delicious, obviously.

Image result for trader joe's ginger bar


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