Top Four (Week of 1 Shvat)

1. Patis  

A new French-American Bakery that has both pareve and cholov yisroel options. The newest location in Lyndhurst (near Passaic) is super delicious! Other locations in the New York area as well. Find out more information here.

2. Anywhere Travel Guide

Yeshiva break is coming upon us, which means adventure awaits! These cards that you can purchase from Amazon for $10.72 (I literally don’t know how they come up with these prices) include 75 cards to help you explore and discover, wherever you find yourself. Because anywhere can be an adventure 🙂

Image result for anywhere travel guide

3. Pimples, be gone! 

This is a PSYCHO product that I’m excited to introduce to the world – COSRX Clear Fit Master Patches, available on Amazon at $4.90 for 18 small circle patches (also a prime product). Try not to be grossed out for five seconds – you place a patch over a pimple, even wearing it over night, and it absorbs and collects the toxins out of the wound. In general they blend into the skin really nicely, they’re small… you can ever wear makeup over them! The best part is, they don’t dry out your skin, and they’re safe to wear in the sun. It’s not an instant remedy, but after trying so many harsh products with lots of chemicals, these seem to really work in a safe and effective way. (I bought the black packaging below, but now I want to check out the red pack).

Image result for cosrx pimple patch review

4. Attached.

This book is a life-changing must read that is an easy, enjoyable, and will also blow your mind. Attached talks about the three main modes of attachment in a relationship (secure, anxious, and avoidant… with the rare anxious-avoidant combo), and effective ways to communicate based on attachment styles. If you want to take this one step further, I suggest a siyum by analyzing the relationships in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You (may need to skip through some parts of the movie for shmiras anayim, but overall pretty kosh). I do have a few questions for the author, such as how a religious ideal beyond yourself that you may value more plays into a theory such as this. Let us know what you think! Image result for attachment book

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