Pura Vida en Costa Rica

La Fortuna, Costa Rica


We left straight from school to start our winter break in Costa Rica! This was our first trip with our iconic Vacation Crew varsity jackets. To explain, for each country T’s crew now visits together, they buy a patch of the place visited, which then gets added to the jackets. Keep an eye out for them in future posts 🙂

We landed in the middle of the night, and we hired a private driver to take us from San Juan (the only city in Costa Rica with a Chabad + kosher food) to La Fortuna, about a three hour drive. We stayed at the Springs Resort and Spa and got the honeymoon suite in order to accommodate our crew. It was by far the nicest resort we have ever stayed at with breathtaking views – the Bachelor and the Kardashian’s have all called this place home in their past visits.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, there are many activities the resort has to offer. We personally went horseback riding there, as well as visited their zoo. They also offer river tubing, hot springs + water slide, rock climbing, mini golf, and many other activities!

Also, every day, the cleaning service created a new animal creation surprise with our towels!!!


We were picked up from our hotel to go on a coffee and chocolate plantation tour near the Arenal Volcano, where we were shown the process of making such delicacies (don’t worry, we also got to taste them). They took us on a ride in a Bullock Carriage pulled by oxen.

We then went back to get ready for Shabbos. The Chabad had brought our food to the airport in San Juan, which we brought back and stored in the hotel – the food was double wrapped, so the hotel warmed up our food throughout Shabbos. We had a spacious balcony, so we set up our seudahs outside with our volcano jungle views. Because it was yeshiva break, there were many yiddin on campus, and also all of the microwaves had been claimed by the other Jewish rooms.


Full day tour of the rain forest (we were picked up at 7:30 a.m.), where we hiked a waterfall and a mountain on the side of a volcano (you can’t hike the actual volcano as it’s currently active). They also provide lunch which we couldn’t eat, but always offer to our drivers and staff. You need comfortable shoes and some sort of poncho, as it actually rains in the rain forest.


We got picked up for white water rafting, where we experienced some of the best rapids we’ve ever went down. It was really adventurous while also feeling safe. They take great pictures that you can pay extra for, but they also provide fresh cut up fruit for free.

Later we did the hot springs at our resort, which was relaxing, but can also be fun if you go on their monkey slide. They have a bunch of these hot springs around and many of them are in enclosed spaces, so you can have your own private chill. There are also drinks available to buy spring-side.


We went to Monteverde, which was about a three hour drive each way. Many people typically spend a longer amount of time there, but we didn’t want to switch hotels and just used it as a day trip location. We went to 100% Aventura, which is the longest zip line in Latin America. It was well run, and there were guides stationed at each zip stop. There are also two Superman zip lines, with the option of doing a Tarzan Swing. We also went ATVing there after zip lining.


Our last day in Costa Rica, which we kept chill as a spa day. We took advantage of hotel amenities, such as the pools and game room. We followed this trip with a stop in Orlando on the way back, so it didn’t technically end here 😉 More to come!




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