Jersey Girl Summer

The beach, I hope, is a given. We also selfishly don’t want to give away our favorite beach spot because it’s so quiet and clean and we want to keep it that way 😉 BUT we’re here to enhance and elevate your Jersey experience during Corona, so be prepared to low-key become a farmer, and gain that COVID-15.

  1. Broad Street Dough Co. 

These doughnuts are out of control – the whole store is kosher, and there are tons of pareve and gluten free options. The earlier the better though, because they do run out of batter most days. These doughnuts are masterpieces.

2. Sunflower Picking at Happy Day Farm

Save this for the upcoming seasons, because this place was Insta worthy. A little pricey because you have to pay for entrance and then additional for the flowers, but they offer other activities such as blueberry picking, and they had cute props to look out for scattered all over farm. Who knew there were so many types of sunflowers??

(The next three are all food related, but within the same block at Long Branch.)

     3. Coney Waffle Ice Cream

The two locations that are fully Kosher are the Long Branch and Asbury Park locations, but when we say fully kosher, we’re talking tons of Cholov Yisroel and Pareve options. It’s cash only (unless you order online in advance), but this place has every topping and ice cream imaginable, in addition to being ridiculously patient during COVID and handling the lines.


4. LBK Grill

If you haven’t eaten here this summer, you haven’t had a summer yet – so RUN. It’s the place to see and be seen this summer, in addition to great food and drinks, and being on top of the beach. You have to divide and conquer to get a table and chairs here, but you can also grab your food and eat on the shore. Watching the cotton candy pink sunset. With the crash of waves in the background. Convinced yet? We highly recommend the mango slushie, in addition to the combo tray and brisket sandwich.

5. Sugarpop

We saw the mezuzah by the store front, and had to pop into to this well rounded candy store. There’s a marked Kosher section, but you’ll catch on to where it is because there will be gummies you have never seen before in your life… because they’re the non-kosher ones.


6. Strawberry Picking at Donaldson Farms

This farm had COVID protocol down pat. They were super sanitary, and well priced. We also brought a picnic basket with us, and there was plenty of grass and shade to chill in for hours, after we picked those juicy-red berries. The farm also offers cold drinks and snacks to buy.

7. South Mountain Fairy Trail

The most enchanting hike you’ll go on. More like a stroll if we’re being honest, but to see the creativity of whoever put these little hidden fairy touches all over the trail is quite the sight. It’s kid friendly, and you’re going to see a lot of tiny children dressed as princesses and fairies with their masks on. There’s a Trader Joe’s nearby if you want to grab some snacks before or after. Enjoy this hidden Jersey gem.

8. Bakeristor

The menu here is spot on, but the top part of this place are the dairy pastries and desserts. The pastry chef is the one that works all the top Pesach programs, so it’s like having the world’s top Tea-Room all year round. We have never had a better cheesecake in our lives, but let’s not also forget the drink bar available to wash it all down with.


9. Urban Pops

Do we talk about this place too often? We still can’t get over that this whole place is pareve!!! Just a heads up, the party cake flavor pop has actual giant chunks of cake in it, and we’re not sorry we discovered that.


10. Narutto Bowl

New Asian meets Latin street food restaurant in Teaneck made us feel cultured af. It was really cool to have to opportunity to try food’s from other cultures, and there was plenty of space for everyone outside!


11. Sender’s Smoke Joint

Another Teaneck eatery where you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. We’re talking giant latke filled with pulled beef. Fries covered in pulled beef and garlic mayo. The portions were great, and the best part is eating in the back where there are fire-pits available.

We were extra grateful to live out-of-town during this wild summer, where there were so many opportunities to spread out, hike, and enjoy being outside, living at a humanly possible pace. We hope you inspired you to come check out what New Jersey has to offer… let us know if we missed any cool places!

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