Stimulus Road Trip!

Just doing our part to boost the economy in true Corona fashion, because everybody knows Kennebunkport is the Venice of America. Enjoy our safe New England travels.

GENERAL TIPS – having a portable car cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter was a huge win for this trip for having Kosher food ready on the fly. It was a lot of outdoor activities and parks (all free!), but make sure you have the proper footwear. We lost a lot of good men out there.


We also felt bad asking strangers to take pictures for us and touch our phones, so having a remote controlled tripod felt like a better thing to do. Also, the hotels felt so safe – they really have everything down to a science at this point.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY – drove 3.5 hours (from Monsey) to Ludlow, Vermont, to stay the night and where we ran into frum people everywhere. In the morning, we thought we were going on a casual stroll through a park… almost a full day later we completed the Camel’s Hump Trail which is rated as Difficult! Worth it for the great views, but you can tell by the pictures we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. Then we drove to Hallowell, Maine to spend the night.

FRIDAY – Portland Head Lighthouse which is in Ft. William’s Park (in Cape Elizabeth). It was commissioned by George Washington. (This is near the historic city of Portland, which we didn’t have time to checkout). Our AirBNB had a kitchen, so we heated up Shabbos food we brought with us, and brought fresh salad ingredients. We brought games and books, and there were lakes down the block.

SUNDAY – Drove two hours to Acadia National Park. The visitor’s center is open and has lots of info on the trails – we took Beehive because we were looking for views, and the Gorham Mountain because the trails are all kindav attached, and walked along the shore path which brought us back to our car! Barbecued by a picnic area in Acadia bu the water, and stayed in a hotel in Acadia that night. Also took some pics by Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

MONDAY – Jordan Pond trail in Acadia, chilled, and watched the sunset on the water.

TUESDAY – Started driving back to tri-state area, and chilled in Kennebunkport for an hour as a stop. Cute port city where the Bush’s vacation, and there was a Ben & Jerry’s which was a great snack. Walked the Freedom Trail in Boston – everything’s basically closed in Boston, but we followed online guides to explore what we could. Went out to eat in Brookline where they had indoor seating.

WEDNESDAY – Went to Boston Harbor to chill, and drove back home to Jersey.


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