Top Four (Week of 23 Sivan)

1. All That You Can See Sea Sea

You must take a subway to visit the South Street Seaport this summer! Not only are there beautiful streets and attractions, but Chase Sapphire has opened a temporary outdoor bar with free cell phone charging stations. The bartenders are also really well dressed and very talented. We highly recommend the Pepsi! Also as a heads up, the straws are paper. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

2. Simply Gourmet

From the woman that brought you the Bais Yaakov cookbooks comes a new instant classic, Simply Gourmet (still 20% today on!) Simple, unique, and delicious recipes – what more could you ask for??


3. Inward

Check out the hype on the person featured on the cover of this weeks Mishpacha magazine. Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld is also a therapist who works within the field of addiction. Because everything can be found in the Torah, Rabbi Rosenfeld gracefully ties in Torah content within his field of practice, leaving us also with a beautiful podcast by the name of Inward. Although the podcasts are on the longer side, not a minute it wasted or superfluous – jam packed with great content, and articulately worded. Rabbi Rosenfeld’s grasp on a vast variety of information both therapy and Torah related are evident by the natural flow of the content he provides.

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4. Pore Free

It’s the summer, so pore free is the way to be if we want clean skin. You must pick up a pack of this Neutrogena pore mask! I find the grapefruit version to be the best one. As a hack on how to extend the life of this product, I only cut off a tip of the packaging, and squeeze out just enough for a thing layer on my face (it’s not a pre-made sheet face mask, just as an FYI). If you close it right back up, the product won’t dry out, and I find that I can get at least three uses out of one package. CVS also often has these on sale at buy one, get one 40% off.


Top Four (Week of 11 Iyar)

1. Hillula!!!  

Lag Ba’Omer is coming at us real fast! Don’t miss out on the epic Lag Ba’Omer Hillula, with R’ Moshe Weinberger and Eitan Katz. Hundreds if not over 1,000 people singing, dancing and connecting (very separate seating, of course).

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2. Shana Rishona/Relationship Podcast

In her podcast First Year Married, Kayla Levin does an excellent job discussing different aspects of shana rishona, giving practical advice that can really apply to any relationship. The episodes are short (usually around 20 minutes), and are relatable while staying true to her style. She also offers an online seminar with the curriculum she has created as a life coach, that is starting next week. Very refreshing, empowering and calming all at once – highly recommended.


3. Mindfulness 

Rabbi Dr. Benji Epstein, camp HASC director of staff, has written a book, Living in the Presence, on Jewish thoughts within the parameters of mindfulness – the act of being fully present in a moment, without distraction. One parable came up that I found to be a life changing perspective on how to view avodas Hashem, I will insert a piece of it here (page 214):

[Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk and his brother, Zushe of Anipoli, found themselves in prison. R’ Zushe began to cry as it was almost time to daven, but was not able to due to excrement within the prison cell].

Rabbi Elimelech placed his hands on his brother’s shoulder and told him gently, “True, you cannot pray now because the law forbids it. But why weep? You know the same Gd who commanded you to pray also commanded you not to pray when the room is unfit for prayer. By not praying in this room, you have achieved a connection with Gd. While it might not be the connection that you had initially sought, if you truly want the Divine connection that you had initially sought, if you truly want the Divine connection, here is the opportunity that God had present for you at this moment to obey His law, no matter how it presents itself.”

BOOM. Mic drop.

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4. Peace out Girl Scout 

Last week was international Peace Week. As a result, the Girl Scouts in my school created inspirational posters, which are all super conveniently hung up outside of my office. This one really resonated with me:

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